• Aden refinery resumes work

    66,000 tonnes of crude delivered to Aden refinery. Yemen oil refinery resumes operations Aden // Aden’s oil refinery resumed operations Sunday, more than a year after the armed conflict between […]

  • Yemen port attacked

    UAE media reports jihadist attack launched from boats. Growing risk to southern commercial ports and coalition vessels in Yemen’s territorial waters from boat-borne jihadist attacks By Meda Al Rowas Yemeni […]

  • U.S. talks with Yemen’s Houthis

    Uncertain future for country in wake of president’s resignation. Pentagon confirms U.S. talks with Yemen’s Houthis U.S. officials are holding discussions with representatives of the Shiite militia in Yemen who […]

  • Terror warnings for Yemen, Djibouti

    Threat of maritime terrorism prompts warnings. Warnings of Terrorist Attacks May Shake Djibouti and Yemen Yemen’s Interior Ministry has ordered increased security along the country’s coastline in response to information […]