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  • Act Two

    Australia’s Navigation Act of 1912 will be replaced by modern guidelines and Australian Maritime Safety Authority to become the sole regulator of shipping in Australian waters. Archaic maritime safety laws to go Century […]

  • Act of Piracy

    The Australian parliament has been told that the federal government has acquiesced with what amounted to an act of piracy by asylum seekers on the merchant ship MV Parsifal last week. […]

  • Merchant Ship Diverted

    Fearing that desperate asylum seekers he had rescued in Indonesian waters posed a threat to his crew, the captain of a merchant ship bound for Singapore changed course for Australia. Merchant […]

  • Saving Lives at Sea

    Responsibility for saving lives at sea is not a matter of sovereign jurisdiction. It is the responsibility of all countries and all seafarers regardless of where a ship might be […]

  • Maritime Security Scholarships

    At a counter piracy conference attended by delegates from 59 countries and organisations hosted by the Australian government in Perth last week, Acting Defence Minister Warren Snowden announced scholarships for […]

  • Boat Refugees

    New Zealand is proposing new measures to allow authorities to detain large groups of boat refugees under a single warrant for up to six months. If New Zealand passes the […]

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