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  • A lucrative trade

    Sri Lankan Navy earns big bucks from floating armoury trade. Navy earns Rs. 1,000 million The Navy said it had earned an income of Rs. 1,000 million since November 13, […]

  • Armament on the High Seas

    Floating armouries “a major security concern”, apparently. Armament on the High Seas By Liza Kane-Hartnett Last month, Sri Lanka announced that it had terminated its agreement with the private security […]

  • Job loss claim following armoury closure

    Claims made by former Avant Garde manager. ‘Around 5,000 jobless due to Avant Garde closure’ Rasika Somarathna A senior former official of the Avant Garde Maritime Security Services yesterday said […]

  • Controversy over floating armories

    Row over AGMS continues.  Controversy over floating armories By  Kishani Samaraweera Floating armory discovered in the Galle Harbor made headlines since several allegations were made regarding its legality. However, Leader […]

  • SL Coup Theory Alive With Arms Discovery

    Floating armoury used by PMSCs detained. SL Coup Theory Alive With Arms Discovery By P K Balachandran COLOMBO: The discovery of huge caches of arms and ammunition on board a vessel […]

  • Floating Armoury

    A vessel being used by a Sri Lankan company to operate a floating-armoury in the Gulf of Aden was briefly arrested by the authorities in the United Arab Emirates. Sinbad […]