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  • Customs and marine join efforts

    New agreement will improve maritime security. Customs and marine join efforts Cameroon’s navy will henceforth protect and transport custom officers during their operations at sea. The terms of the joint […]

  • Exercise Obangame Express 2015

    Multi national exercise in Gulf of Guinea. Obangame Express 2015: Two steps forward, one step back MATT HIPPLE Between 19 and 27 March OBANGAME EXPRESS, African Partnership Station’s annual exercise […]

  • New strategy for combating piracy

    New Danish strategy to combat piracy. New strategy for combating piracy Denmark plays an essential role in protecting ships and seamen in the international seas around Africa The government has […]

  • French, WAF navies in piracy drills

    Exercise Nemo promoting anti-piracy skills. French and West African navies practiced anti-piracy drills in Exercise Nemo Two French warships have taken part in a maritime exercise in the Gulf of […]

  • Chinese naval fleet visits Cameroon

    16th escort task force arrived at Douala, Cameroon, on May 30th. Chinese naval fleet pays four-day goodwill visit to Cameroon The 16th escort task force of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) arrived at the harbour […]

  • Gulf of Guinea states seek outside help

    Aboard the USNS Spearhead in the Gulf of Guinea Sea change? Gulf of Guinea states seek outside help, progress slow By Steven Beardsley ABOARD THE USNS SPEARHEAD IN THE GULF […]

  • Upgrading Maritime Security Strategies

    The Cameroon Navy does not want to be caught napping in the fight against pirates who threaten national and regional security Navy Upgrades Maritime Security Strategies Cognizant of the security […]

  • US Support For Summit

    Experts from the US are expected in Cameroon to share experiences during the first-ever ECCAS, ECOWAS and Gulf of Guinea Commission summit on maritime safety and security in the Gulf […]

  • Piracy Doubles off West Africa

    According to maritime risk company AKE the number of attacks is likely to rise further, while incidents are taking place further out to sea. Piracy doubles off West Africa LONDON – […]

  • Piracy Prone

    Five African countries along the continent’s sea coast have been listed by the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) as risky areas for the movement of vessels and ships due to attacks […]