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  • Canada’s return to East Asia

    After a decade of neglect, the Canadian govt. is prepared to re-engage East Asia. Canadian policy-makers are seeking to deepen regional diplomacy beyond economic issues. Canada’s return to East Asia: […]

  • Joint Exercise Off Hawaiian Coast

    “One of Canada’s responsibilities as a maritime nation is to ensure that we are interoperable with our maritime partners, including the United States,” Canadian Armed Forces Participate in a Joint […]

  • An Island Dispute of Our Own

    It’s not quite the Senkakus, but Stephen Kelly highlights a long-festering territorial dispute between the United States and Canada: Machias Seal Island is a 20-acre, treeless lump that sits nearly […]

  • Canadian ship at Shuwaikh port

    KUWAIT: The Canadian Ambassador to Kuwait, Douglas George, held a reception on board Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Regina at the Shuwaikh Port, which is visiting Kuwait from Nov 20 to […]

  • Terror Threat to Canadian Waterways

    OTTAWA — The U.S. government calculates there’s a low risk of terrorism against North American shipping, ports and along shared waterways, in contrast to a Canadian assessment of maritime security […]

  • Canada hi-tech radar for border security

    OTTAWA — As Canada and the U.S. increasingly co-operate to watch maritime borders, authorities are using hi-tech radar systems to track the baddies. Companies involved in all aspects of border […]

  • Prince Rupert Cargo Security Pilot

    A pilot cargo screening program underway at Canada’s Port of Prince Rupert in British Columbia allows cargo entering the facility to be screened and then freely move across the Canadian/U.S. […]

  • Operations Centre

    On August 9, 2012, a ground breaking ceremony will take place to mark the start of construction of the new Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway Marine Security Operations Centre in […]

  • Port Security Questioned

    An American federal agency has suggested that Canadian ports taking in U.S.-bound cargo lack the security measures in place in the United States for cargo shipped directly to its ports. […]