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  • Japan envoy heads to China

    Japan is sending a top diplomat to China for talks, as Chinese ships again entered waters close to islands both sides claim. Vice-Foreign Minister Chikao Kawai will hold two days […]

  • South China Sea Accord

    The Indonesian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Marty Natalegawa, has called Asean members define a common position on the South China Sea dispute. Marty Keeps Pushing for South China Sea Accord By Ulma Haryanto, […]

  • Protests Resume

    18 September is the anniversary of the day in 1931 when Japan staged the excuse for its later invasion of China. This year’s anniversary is particularly tense because of a mounting […]

  • Counter-Piracy Exercise

    Guided-missile destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill and other U.S. Navy assets participated in a counter-piracy exercise with elements of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (Navy) PLA(N) near the Horn of […]

  • How Many is Enough?

    Most analysts agree that China will pursue in the the construction of aircraft carriers, but the opacity of Chinese defense planning does not reveal how many ships Beijing intends to operate.  In […]

  • Urgent Measures

    Japanese Prime Minster Yoshihiko Noda has urged the Chinese Government to take urgent measures to prevent violence against Japanese citizens in China Japan PM Noda urges China to prevent anti-Japan violence […]

  • Cooler Heads

    The US has called for ”cooler heads to prevail” as tension intensifies between China and Japan over disputed islands in the East China Sea. US calls for ‘cooler heads’ in […]

  • Purchase Plan Confirmed

    Tokyo has confirmed its intention to purchase disputed islands also claimed by Beijing from private owners, Sino-Japanese relations have been strained for some time and this latest development risks further heightening […]

  • Breaking the Ice

    The ever-shrinking ice cap is bringing new challenges to Canadian policy makers; navigability of the North-West passage and access to offshore resources.  Breaking the Ice: China’s Emerging Arctic Strategy By […]

  • Japan Buys Islands

    Media reports from Japan say the government has reached a deal to buy disputed islands in the East China Sea from their private owner. Japan government ‘reaches deal to buy’ […]