Tag: China

  • Joint Maritime Drill

    Taiwan and China have held the second cross-strait joint maritime search and rescue exercise in the waters between Xiamen and Kinmen. Taiwan, China vice ministers preside at joint maritime drill […]

  • Island Grabbing

    Until recently, Asian countries’ competing claims in the seas around China did not cause outright conflict. But now that drilling technology can tap gas and oil beds there, Asia capitals […]

  • Code of Conduct

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hasĀ urged the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and China to agree on a code of conduct for resolving territorial disputes in the South China […]

  • Antagonising Beijing

    The Japanese news agency Kyodo has reported that Tokyo has made a $25 million bid for the purchase of a group of islands Beijing considers ‘sacred territory’ Japan Plans To […]

  • Threat to Security

    Maritime incidents involving Chinese fishermen seem to have become a major trigger for maritime tensions and clashes. Overfishing and illegal fishing are increasingly threatening the sustainability of the global fishing […]

  • Sino-Japanese Naval War 2012

    OK, it’s probably not going to happen…..but if it did, who would win? This article by James R. Holmes for Foreign Policy examines how the current tensions could develop into. […]

  • Island Dispute

    Several Japanese nationalists landed on a rocky island in the East China Sea which is at the heart of a territorial row with Beijing. Island landing sparks China protests Several […]

  • Politics and Ships

    China does not want to control all of the oil and natural gas rich South China Sea, according to officials Beijing only wants 80 percent. China Asserts Sea Claim With […]

  • US ‘trouble-making’

    The US State Department’s declared “close” monitoring of increased tensions in the South China Sea has caused problems with the authorities in Beijing. South China Sea: Beijing attacks US ‘trouble-making’ […]

  • China’s Military Moment

    Beguiled by undersea oil and gas deposits and the weakness of fellow claimants to the Paracel Islands, China launched a naval offensive to seize the disputed archipelago. China’s Military Moment […]