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  • High North Policy

    China’s application to join the Arctic Council as a permanent observer strongly points to Beijing’s ever growing interest in High North policy. Icebreaking In The Arctic By Marten Lindberg When […]

  • Maritime Dispute

    China has dispatched two of its maritime security vessels to patrol the waters off disputed islands in the Pacific Ocean. Japan, which has administrative control over the uninhabited islands, has […]

  • China-Russia Cooperation

    Highlighting warming ties between their militaries and growing cooperation in international affairs, former Cold War rivals for leadership of the communist world China and Russia launched a joint naval exercise […]

  • Naval Drill

    Amid a territorial stand-off between China and the Philippines, American and Filipino troops have launched a two week naval drill as part of the United States’ attempt to reinforce its […]

  • 3 of 8 leave disputed shoal

    MANILA, Philippines (AP) – Three of eight Chinese fishing boats at the center of a standoff between China and the Philippines have left a shoal in the disputed South China […]

  • Warships in Standoff

    A Philippine naval ship, two Chinese vessels and at least eight fishing boats are in a standoff near a shoal in the South China Sea that the Philippines says is […]

  • Sabre Rattling

    Chinese officials in Beijing are warning against any joint military patrols or exercises between Vietnam and the Philippines in the disputed South China Sea. China Warns Against Joint Exercises in […]

  • China Carrier Preps for Flight Ops?

    The People’s Liberation Army Navy may have made a significant step forward in its fixed-wing aviation capability. Photographs appear to confirm that the Chinese Navy has installed arrestor gear and […]

  • East China Sea Disputes

    The potential for bilateral discord was evident in 2010, when a Chinese trawler collided with two Japanese coastguard vessels near the Senkaku islands, an uninhabited archipelago in the East China […]

  • Maritime Security Authority

    According to international analysts gathered in Phnom Penh, a territorial dispute amongst Brunei, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam is a “critical” issue with far-reaching implications. Sea change sought […]

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