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  • Intel sharing still a challenge

    Some nations treating intel as a one way street. Sharing of maritime security intel still a challenge: Royal Navy official By Salma El Shaheed The fight against piracy in the […]

  • Chinese subs worry India

    Indian Ocean region sees increased Chinese presence. China’s Indian Ocean Submarines Worry India China has increased its submarine presence in the Indian Ocean, worrying many neighboring countries and leaving India […]

  • Chinese want US P-8s to go home

    Issue of surveillance proving to be contentious.  Chinese Reporters Press US Navy Chief: P-8s, Go Home! By SYDNEY J. FREEDBERG JR. WASHINGTON: A tag-team of Chinese reporters pressed the normally soft-spoken Chief of […]

  • HRAS updates murder video analysis

    Shocking video prompted murder investigation.  HRAS updates translation analysis of YouTube footage depicting murder of seafarers HRAS continues an independent investigation into the murder of five seafarers in international waters, with […]

  • China, U.S. to boost security ties

    Annual talks bring some good news but questions remain. China, U.S. to boost security ties, but no breakthroughs BY LESLEY WROUGHTON AND MICHAEL MARTINA (Reuters) – China and the United States agreed on Thursday […]

  • China, Greece to improve military ties

    China and Greece Monday decided to enhance cooperation between their armed forces. China, Greece to strengthen military ties China and Greece Monday decided to enhance cooperation between their armed forces, […]

  • Nigerian Navy receives 3 patrol vessels

    The Nigerian Navy has taken a delivery of three patrol boats to checkmate crimes Navy takes delivery of 3 patrol vessels from US, China …Arrests 38 illegal fishing vessels in four […]

  • Coast Guard Overhaul

    China’s new leadership recently announced its intention to reorganize its separate maritime law enforcement agencies under one governing body China signals with Coast Guard overhaul By Lyle Morris  China’s new […]

  • New Chinese Coast Guard

    China should set up a coast guard to cope with the “increasingly challenging” maritime disputes with neighboring countries, a top political adviser said on Monday. Adviser says coast guard needed […]

  • Time Out

    Added to recent comments about hitting out at pirates ashore, the Chinese army is now proposing to establish “Anti-pirate bases” up and down the Somali coast. The Chinese even believe […]