Tag: Citadels

  • Fire Starters

    Piracy has returned with a vengeance following the end of the monsoon season, as a Greek vessel was set ablaze after an attack in the Somali Basin. Pirates hit Cyprus […]

  • Safe Places

    BMP4 places great emphasis on the role of citadels…which is great, but far too few people know what they really are. The guidance states that professional input is necessary to […]

  • Trained Response

    Details of how the bulk carrier “Arrilah-I” was freed have been released. Upon being attacked the 21 crew of the vessel and three security guards remained secure in the vessels citadel. The […]

  • Citadels Under Siege: Safe Rooms or Safety Hazards?

    “When placing crew in a citadel, the crew may not be rescued. You need to consider that fact.” – Commander Steve Paget, Canadian Navy. During an insightful “Combating Piracy Week” […]