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  • Hamburg Despatches #2

    Paul Gibbins reports on the 2nd day of the Hanson Wade Combating Piracy gathering in Hamburg. Of particular note amongst the issues raised yesterday was the challenge of the current militarization towards […]

  • Hamburg Despatches #1

    Paul Gibbins is covering the 11th Combating Piracy gathering in Hamburg for the Maritime Security Review, this first posting covers some of the highlights and key issues adressed on the opening day […]

  • 11th Official Update Combating Piracy

    23 – 26 April 2012 Hamburg MSR will be reporting from this Hanson Wade event. Monday kicks off with workshops to develop emergency response plans and the construction and use […]

  • Armed Security – a credible deterrent to Piracy

    by Paul Gibbins, Director of Communications, Protection Vessels International At the recent conference ‘Combating Piracy’ in Hamburg, the shipping industry heard the brutal truth that when it comes to piracy, […]

  • Combating Piracy

    Packed with updated approaches and recent new insights, this event includes the very latest, previously unheard briefings and debates from senior level industry representatives who are dealing with the challenges […]