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  • Le Havre Extends Compensation Measures Following Port Strikes

    March 03: Shipping lines and shippers are being compensated to the tune of €6M for days lost to the ports morts (“dead ports”) strikes which took place to protest against […]

  • IMB concern over pirate payouts

    ECHR decision sparks comments. IMB concerned over decision to compensate pirates The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) has joined other maritime organisations in expressing concern over the decision to compensate convicted […]

  • The moral high ground

    Compensation payments to pirates cause furore. The moral high ground By Michael Grey from London Pirates around the world will be greatly heartened by the award for “moral damages” made […]

  • Outrage at EU decision

    MPHRP reacts to compensation payments to pirates.  Outrage at EU decision Decision of the European Court of Human Rights is repugnant and insulting to all Seafarers who have survived Piracy […]

  • Denmark to compensate pirates

    Another country to pay compensation. Denmark compensates suspected pirates for overly long detention (Reuters) – Denmark has compensated nine Somalis suspected of trying to hijack a Danish ship in 2013 […]

  • Compensation Claim

    It seems that there is no end to the sheer audacity of Somali pirates. A group currently holding South Korean seafarers hostage are demanding the release of pirates held by […]

  • Decking Pirates

    An elderly British couple recounted their scrape with pirates as they sought compensation for their ruined cruise back in 2009. The couple told how they joined other passengers in hurled […]