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  • Ports and the cyber threat

    Ports wake up to cyber threat. Cyber risks creep up on the unwary John Bensalhia finds out why bulk terminals are just as vulnerable to attack as container hubs Ports […]

  • Maritime braces for next cyber breach

    Security experts warn that a much more damaging incident than the AP Moller-Maersk NotPetya attack could be just around the corner Maritime braces for the next cyber breach by Michael Juliano […]

  • Seatrade & Cyber

    Maritime cyber security strategies continue to develop. Information sharing key to fighting cyber crime The maritime industry needs to undergo a cultural change concerning the sharing of information on cyber […]

  • Maritime cyber threats

    Is the industry ready for evolving attack vectors? The state of affairs: is shipping still unprepared for cyberattacks? By Eva Grey Cybersecurity in shipping is a hot topic. But at the […]

  • Spending Spree

    Cosco Shipping Co Ltd plan to spend about $12 million on armed guards and other measures this year for protection against piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian […]