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  • People Not As Good At Spotting Phishing As They Think They Are

    Source: ZDNet / Tom Foremski January 30: Most people say they know about phishing and what it involves, yet just 5% were able to correctly identify all types of scams […]

  • Maritime Cyber Attacks: Changing Tides

    Shipping still behind the curve. Maritime Cyber Attacks: Changing Tides By Kate B. Belmont Front-page headlines revealing devastating cyber attacks on government agencies and the world’s largest companies have become […]

  • Maritime cyber security essential

    Shipping seen as slow to acknowledge risks. Cyber security essential to combat risks on board ship systems, says DNV GL Classification society DNV GL Group executive vice-president Tor E. Svensen […]

  • Cyber security the new maritime threat

    Cyber crime is becoming a greater issue for shipping companies.  Cyber insecurity on the high seas threatens international shipping BY TOM REEVE The threat to global shipping in the future may […]