Tag: Diaoyu

  • China ships sail in waters near disputed islands

    Six Chinese surveillance ships briefly entered waters around islands claimed by both Japan and China, amid a bitter territorial dispute. China said the ships were carrying out “law enforcement” to […]

  • Cooler Heads

    The US has called for ”cooler heads to prevail” as tension intensifies between China and Japan over disputed islands in the East China Sea. US calls for ‘cooler heads’ in […]

  • Purchase Plan Confirmed

    Tokyo has confirmed its intention to purchase disputed islands also claimed by Beijing from private owners,┬áSino-Japanese relations have been strained for some time and this latest development risks further heightening […]

  • Japan Buys Islands

    Media reports from Japan say the government has reached a deal to buy disputed islands in the East China Sea from their private owner. Japan government ‘reaches deal to buy’ […]

  • Island Dispute

    Several Japanese nationalists landed on a rocky island in the East China Sea which is at the heart of a territorial row with Beijing. Island landing sparks China protests Several […]