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  • Sea mine hits tanker

    Aframax mine blast off Yemen puts shipping on alert Sam Chambers Shipping has been put on alert to be highly vigilant when transiting the Gulf of Aden with news of […]


    EU Says Held Anti-Piracy Naval Exercises With Japan In Gulf Of Aden Faizan Hashmi The European Union‘s diplomatic arm on Wednesday stated that the bloc’s naval forces had held anti-piracy […]

  • CTF 151 and Oman talks

    Press Release Commander of CTF 151 (CCTF 151) held a video conference call with the Commander of the Royal Navy of Oman (CRNO) to discuss future combined efforts in the […]

  • India, Bangladesh joint ops

    Bangladesh Navy and Indian Navy on Saturday started a three-day coordinated patrol and bilateral exercise “Bongosagar” in the Bay of Bengal aimed at curbing maritime crimes and smuggling. Two Bangladesh […]

  • Covid piracy surge?

    by Theo Locherer The last quarterly report from the International Maritime Bureau shows the negative effects of the Covid-19 on maritime security. There tend to be significant upswings of piracy […]

  • Egypt to buy MDA kit

    The government of Egypt has requested the purchase of a Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) system from the United States at a cost of $417 million. The US Defence Security Cooperation […]

  • EU NAVFOR Somalia and Combined Task Force-151 Conduct Focused Counter-Piracy Operation

    February 07-09: During the period 7th – 9th Feb EU NAVFOR Somalia and Combined Task Force-151 (CTF-151) conducted focused counter-piracy operation IKARUS around the Somali Coast, the Horn of Africa and the […]

  • EU NAVFOR Somalia Escorts United Nations World Food Programme Vessels to Safety

    September 06: Last week, EU NAVFOR Somalia Operation ATALANTA provided support to United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) vessels that were carrying NGO and United Nations Staff through the Gulf […]

  • Pirates Behind Attacks off Somalia Apr 19-21 Captured; 23 Hostages Released

    Apr 23: The capture of a Yemeni dhow off the Somalian coast [on April 19] was all that initially went right for a suspected pirate gang. Four days later they […]

  • EU NAVFOR 31st Force Headquarters Ready for Duty

    March 9 2019: Counter-piracy operations require a constant presence of maritime forces designed to monitor and deter piracy and armed robbery at sea. EU NAVFOR has been continuing this effort […]