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  • EU Ministers Agree on Naval and Air Measures to Try to Reduce Weapons Flow to Libya

    February 17: EU foreign ministers on Monday agreed in principle on a new mission — which would include naval assets — to monitor Libya’s UN arms embargo, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said. It […]

  • EU Welcomes Formation of Red Sea Council to Help Secure Red Sea and Gulf of Aden

    February 20: The EU welcomed the formation of the Red Sea Council, aimed at securing the waterways of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. The Red Sea and […]

  • Europe to Operate Gulf Maritime Security Mission Out of French Base in Abu Dhabi

    December 01: French Defence Minister Florence Parly has announced that a French naval base in Abu Dhabi, opened in 2009 and known as “Peace Camp,” will serve as the headquarters […]

  • Spain Takes Over EU Anti-Piracy Mission from Britain due to Brexit

    March 29: Spain on Friday (Mar 29) took over from Britain command of a European Union maritime mission that combats piracy off the coast of Somalia as Britain’s planned departure […]

  • Attacks on Land

    The European Union has agreed to expand its mission against Somali pirates by allowing military forces to attack land targets as well as those at sea. According to the BBC’s security […]

  • EU Assistance to Asia

    As Europe’s growth is contingent on Asia’s prosperity, ensuring unrestricted navigation in Asia’s waterways is thus of the utmost strategic interest to the European Union. Given that Asia’s geopolitical hotspots […]

  • Heading Out

    A Spanish patrol has left Cartagena port to join Operation Atalanta from the European Union (EU). “They’re going to the place in the world that needs us most,” the head […]

  • EU Extension

    The European Union has extended by a year its military mission to train Somali’s security forces and said it was considering other measures to help develop the country’s maritime capacity. The mission, […]

  • Stand And Deliver

    The European Union has given Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG) a 12-month ultimatum to embark on necessary reforms or risk losing financial support. Analysts said the warning is a signal […]