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  • Two Fishermen Kidnapped Near Idenao, Cameroon

    September 13, 22:00 UTC: Eight persons in a speed boat boarded a fishing vessel conducting fishing operations approx. 04:10.26N, 008:55.38E (approx. 4.5nm SW of Idenao, Cameroon). The perpetrators kidnapped two […]

  • Three Crew Kidnapped From Fishing Boat Near Tambisan Island, Sabah – Likely By ASG

    September 23: At approx. 12:00 LT, seven masked-men armed with high powered firearms such as M16, RPG and pistols; believed to be members of the Kidnap for Ransom Group (KFRG) […]

  • Costa Rica Seizes 771 Kilos of Cocaine in Two Police Operations

    August 04: Costa Rican authorities seized 771 kilos of cocaine in two operations carried out on Sunday along the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, the government said Monday. The first operation […]

  • Attempted Theft of Sailing Vessel’s Dinghy in Sorong, Indonesia

    UPDATE July 02: The sailing vessel which was attacked has been identified as the EL TORO. May 22: At approx. 14:00 UTC a fishing vessel approached an anchored sailing vessel […]

  • Fishing vessel fired on

    Report only just released. Emirati fishing boat attacked ‘by pirates’ in Gulf of Oman An Emirati fishing boat was fired on by “pirates” this week, as the vessel travelled through […]

  • Ukraine accused of piracy

    The aggressive actions of Ukrainian maritime border guards in international waters represent the risk of seizure of Russian vessels, a source said. Russia accuses Ukraine of “piracy,” threatens to deploy […]

  • Crew kidnap off Ghana

    Pirates raid Ghanaian vessel in Keta; take 3 Korean nationals hostage Suspected Nigerian pirates have raided a Ghanaian-owned fishing vessel off the coast of Keta in the Volta Region of […]

  • FV hijacked off Ghana?

    Risk Intelligence cautioned that the incident may be a fishing dispute, rather than piracy. Pirates Allegedly Hijacked Ghanaian Fishing Vessel A Ghanaian fishing vessel is reported to have been hijacked […]

  • USN assists pirate attack crew

    Three crew injured during incident. Coalition Forces Render Aid to an Iranian Fishing Vessel Posted by Aiswarya Lakshmi In coordination with the European Union Naval Force and the Turkish-led Combined […]

  • Pirates release dhow

    Pirates release hijacked dhow On March 24th, UKMTO reported that pirates had hijacked a Somali fishing vessel, Casayr II No.30, off Eyl, Puntland, with the intent to use it as […]