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  • Floating armoury changes

    News will impact PMSCs operating in the Indian Ocean. Floating Armouries – Major Legal Change Underway Thomas Egerstrom The debate of the legality surrounding “floating armouries” (FA’s) has been circulated […]

  • Cruisin’ with guns

    A brisk business in safeguarding guns. Cruisin’ with guns IN OCTOBER 2013 the Seaman Guard Ohio, a Sierra Leone-flagged ship, was intercepted just under 11 nautical miles off the coast […]

  • Sri Lanka Navy’s pay days

    Huge revenue from private maritime security services. Sri Lanka Navy earns US$ 1.5 million in a month from providing maritime security services Sri Lanka Navy said it had earned an […]

  • Armament on the High Seas

    Floating armouries “a major security concern”, apparently. Armament on the High Seas By Liza Kane-Hartnett Last month, Sri Lanka announced that it had terminated its agreement with the private security […]

  • Controversy over floating armories

    Row over AGMS continues.  Controversy over floating armories By  Kishani Samaraweera Floating armory discovered in the Galle Harbor made headlines since several allegations were made regarding its legality. However, Leader […]

  • How Floating Armories Help Guard Cargo Ships

    On Board the Arsenals That Ferry Guns and Guards to Passing Vessels on the Edge of the Indian Ocean. How Floating Armories Help Guard Cargo Ships From Pirates on High […]

  • Floating armouries deemed unsafe

    Despite operating without incident for some time, report has concerns. Floating arsenals designed to protect shipping from pirates deemed unsafe Report warns that vessels full of weapons for hire are […]

  • Floating arsenals

    How safe are floating armouries? Floating arsenals: The boats full of guns for hire against pirates The MNG Resolution may not immediately catch the eye but it is one of […]

  • Floating Armouries Pirate Risk

    Private security companies increasingly rely on unregulated ‘floating armouries’ to avoid arms smuggling laws, but could these stores be vulnerable to pirate attack themselves? Piracy fears over ships laden with […]

  • Diplomatic Pirate

    According to a leaked UN report on Somalia, Somalia’s President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed admitted to UN investigators that he had given “one of the most notorious and influential leaders […]