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  • Nigeria’s pirate fishing

    IUU fishing hits the economy. How Nigeria Loses $70m to Illegal Fishing By Chinese Vessels By Chiemelie Ezeobi The Nigeria Navy has disclosed that the country loses as much as […]

  • Curbing fisheries theft

    Better monitoring required. A lack of big data is hampering efforts to curb illegal fishing in Africa WRITTEN BY Abdi Latif Dahir The lack of a comprehensive database on fishing […]

  • IUU fishing issues

    Ecuadorian Navy has carried out naval exercises aimed at combating transnational maritime crimes. Latin American nations beef up naval power to fight IUU fishing By Jewel Fraser As pressure on […]

  • Food and maritime choke points

    Food and energy security focusing minds. GCC exposed to food security risks from maritime choke points Josh Wood BEIRUT // The countries of the Middle East are among those most […]

  • Tackling organised crime

    Often overlooked crime now gets the spotlight. Organised crime in the fisheries sector starts to get the attention it deserves By Emma Witbooi Governments across the world struggle to cope […]

  • Safeguarding the fisheries

    Illegal fishing is a major issue in region. Australia, NZ support Solomon Islands Maritime Security Australia and New Zealand are continuing to supporting maritime surveillance and security patrols in Vanuatu […]

  • Fighting illegal fishing

    Can PMSCs help in the fight against IUU fishing? Thunder Road: Outsourcing the Fight Against Illegal Fishing By Claude Berube Sometimes the problem no one admits to has the answer […]

  • Indonesia forms pirate fishing task force

    Illegal fishing a huge economic, environmental issue. Govt forms another anti-illegal fishing task force Tama Salim The government has stepped up its maritime law enforcement by preparing a presidential decree […]

  • Joint global efforts to stop IUU fishing

    International Seafood Sustainability Foundation on IUU fishing and vessel registration schemes Joint global efforts to stop IUU fishing International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) president Susan Jackson considers the improvement of […]