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  • US plans more SCS patrols

    Move could prompt China to step up military deployment in the disputed waters, analyst says. US ‘planning more regular’ South China Sea patrols The Pentagon is planning to conduct more […]

  • Iran warning issued

    Vessel seizures concern. Steer clear of Iranian waters, sailors warned By Anwar Ahmad ABU DHABI // Fishermen and sailors were warned to avoid encroaching on Iranian waters as Tehran’s navy […]

  • Iran responds to harassment claim

    Tensions continue to rise in Gulf. Iran responds to US Hormuz Strait ‘harassment’ claims Laura Mackenzie Foreign Correspondent ABU DHABI // The Iranian military has denied that its vessels acted […]

  • China and UNCLOS

    Is Beijing readying for more pronounced conflict in the South China Sea? Proposed Changes to China’s Maritime Safety Law and Compliance with UNCLOS By Chris Mirasola Last week, Reuters reported […]

  • Iran harasses US destroyer

    Two patrol boats came within 300 yards of destroyer. Iranian boats harass US ship in the Persian Gulf By Dan Alexe Four Iranian small boats harassed a US Navy warship […]

  • Indonesia, China and the S. China Sea

    South China Sea dispute continues to simmer. Indonesia asks China to clarify South China Sea claims BY RANDY FABI AND BEN BLANCHARD Indonesia has asked China to clarify its claims […]

  • Chinese naval ships dock in US

    Visit comes despite South China Sea tensions. Chinese naval ships dock in the United States Chinese naval ships have docked on the east coast of the US. Their friendly visit […]

  • Freedom of navigation crucial

    Ongoing tensions in the South China Sea. Freedom of navigation crucial in South China Sea By Mike O’Hanlon WASHINGTON — What should the United States do about China’s increased assertiveness […]

  • Looming S China Sea showdown

    Concerns US is being too soft on China. The looming military showdown in the South China Sea: Gertz BY BILL GERTZ After delaying for months, the Obama administration has authorized […]

  • US, Philippines discuss freedom of seas

    China looms large in discussions. Spokesman: US, Philippines Hold Talks On Boosting Military Capacity Agence France-Presse MANILA — America’s Pacific commander held talks with the Philippine military Wednesday on ways to […]