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  • Russia’s act of piracy

    Journalist showed how armed Russian pirates steal Ukrainian gas. How Ukraine documented Putin’s piracy in Black Sea The Russian-Ukrainian conflict spreads not only on the ground, but also on the […]

  • Indonesia bolsters defences

    Fighter and Apache helicopter bases planned.  RI to strengthen defense in South China Sea To increase its military defenses in the South China Sea, the government is preparing to establish […]

  • The Coming Dash for Gas

    In recent years, the South China Sea has made numerous headlines. But another body of water — the Mediterranean — is rapidly becoming as volatile. Trouble in the Eastern Mediterranean […]

  • Oil Change

    The UAE  is set to support the government of Somaliland in efforts to stop youths being lured away from home out into sea piracy and terrorism. The current lack of […]

  • Exploration Issues

    While the effect of piracy on the movement of commodities is well documented, it seems we are now seeing the exploration and exploitation of gas and oil being hit too. […]