Tag: Geopolitics

  • Mixed Reporting of Possible UK Plans to Release Seized GRACE 1 Tanker

    August 13: Various international media outlets have reported today that Iranian officials have stated that Britain might free its oil tanker GRACE 1 soon. The vessel was seized on July […]

  • Iraq to Establish Military Base in Gulf Between Iran and Kuwait

    July 30: Iraq plans to build the largest naval base in the Arabian Gulf near the under-construction Al Faw Grand Port, which has been a huge obstacle for successive governments […]

  • Persian Gulf Oil Shipments Now Cost More Than $500,000 to Insure

    June 24: The cost of insuring Middle East oil shipments is soaring as tensions mount in a region responsible for about a third of all seaborne petroleum. So-called war risk […]

  • US Warns of Potential Data Leaks from Chinese-Made UAVs

    May 21: The US government has issued an alert warning that Chinese-made unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones), could pose a cyber-espionage risk to American businesses and other organisations that […]

  • Indo to join ReCAAP?

    Country has yet to sign up to regional anti-piracy agreement. Indonesia called on to join ReCAAP in combating piracy Liza Yosephine Indonesia may get stronger support for its fight against […]

  • Iranian fleet heading to Malacca Straits

    Iran’s Navy Commander has said that the 24th fleet of the country‚Äôs Navy is leaving China’s port city of Zhangjiagang for the Strait of Malacca. Iran 24th fleet heading for […]