Tag: hijacked ships

  • Shocking Display

    Members of HMS Montrose’s counter-piracy team who planned to display a technique called “fast roping”, in which they slide down ropes without harnesses to access hijacked ships, at the Edinburgh […]

  • Forced Argument

    The use of military means to free hijacked ships in the Gulf of Aden off the Somalia coast, though successful, has resulted in “retaliative” action. According to one expert a […]

  • Ready For Action

    The Indian government has reportedly given the go-ahead for its navy to storm hijacked ships carrying Indians or Indian cargo. A final decision in this regard, however, rests with the ministries of defence, law […]

  • Tensions Defused

    Somali militants have reportedly freed pirate gang leaders detained last week after agreeing on a cut for future ransoms as well as a deal to have hijacked ships anchor at […]