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  • Freeing the Iceberg 1

    In this article Roelf van Heerden, the commander of the ground force, gives an exclusive first-hand account of the operation to free the Iceberg 1 hostages. South African-led operation frees hostages […]

  • ITF calls Panama to help Iceberg 1 crew

    The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) is calling on Panama to join the effort to help the recently released crew of the Iceberg 1 recover. ITF calls on Panama to […]

  • The Forgotten Hostages

    The plight of a ship’s crew held hostage for more than two and half years has become a “scar on the conscience of the shipping industry”. Abandoned at sea – […]

  • Capture Roll Call

    Here are details of ships held by Somali pirates: * SOCOTRA 1: Seized on Dec. 25, 2009 in the Gulf of Aden. Yemeni-owned ship had six Yemeni crew. * ICEBERG […]