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  • The Forgotten Hostages

    The plight of a ship’s crew held hostage for more than two and half years has become a “scar on the conscience of the shipping industry”. Abandoned at sea – […]

  • Moscow Confirms Kidnapping

    Russia’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed that 23 Russian citizens were on board the Energy Centurion, the Greek owned oil tanker  hijacked off the coast of Togo Russia confirms 23 citizens on […]

  • Pirates Seize Oil Tanker

    According to the International Maritime Bureau, pirates have seized an oil tanker off the coast of Togo. Pirates Seize Oil Tanker By Mark Lowe, Maritime Security Review Noel Choong of […]

  • Post Release Comments

    The South African couple who were released by Somali pirates after 18 months in captivity finally spoken out, saying they are still struggling to believe they are free. Deborah Calitz […]

  • SA Couple Freed

    Bruno Pelizzari and Debbie Calitz, kidnapped by Somali pirates 20 months ago, have been freed and flew out of Somalia today. Armed pirates hijacked their yacht Choizil in October 2010 as it was about […]

  • We’re Not Defeated

    Rachel and Paul Chandler, a couple from the United Kingdom held hostage by Somali pirates for a year, have announced that they plan to complete their round-the-world sailing trip. Paul […]

  • The Educated Hostage

    This handbook aims to prepare seafarers for encounters with Somali pirates, and contains valid information about the situation as a hostage on a ship or on land. It provides the […]

  • Banning Ransoms

    InterManager President Alastair Evitt has stated that any move to ban the payment of ransoms to pirates would have a “massively detrimental effect on the risk to the world’s seafarers […]

  • One Year On

    SaveOurSeafarers was established in March 2011 and is calling for unified action to raise awareness of the human and economic cost of piracy.   SOS SaveOurSeafarers celebrates 1st anniversary Today […]

  • Aid Kidnap

    Gunmen kidnapped an American, a Dane and a Somali working for a Danish group which clears landmines in northern Somalia today, the second capture of Western aid agency staff in […]