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  • Safety in Malaysian waters ‘improved’

    MMEA points to statistics. Safety in Malaysian waters has improved — MMEA PUTRAJAYA: When Malaysian-registered MT Orkim Harmony disappeared on June 11, 2015, a massive search for the vessel was […]

  • On the trail of fuel oil pirates

    Latest ReCAAP report makes grim reading. On the trail of fuel oil pirates in Southeast Asia By Vincent Wee from Hong Kong The most recent ReCAAP ISC half yearly report has revealed the […]

  • Here be pirates

    The rise in SE Asia piracy causes concern. Here be pirates: Why Southeast Asia needs to boost maritime cooperation Elliot Brennan On 1 April, a Malaysia-flagged tanker was attacked and […]

  • IMB, ReCAAP reports issued

    Reported bodies reveal Q1 statistics. IMB & ReCAAP ISC Release 2015 Half-Yearly Reports on Piracy & Armed Robbery At Sea In a rare case of coincidence, both IMB and ReCAAP […]

  • ASEAN navies join forces over piracy

    Assurances that Malacca Strait is ‘safe’. ASEAN navies join forces over piracy The navies of ASEAN member countries are to join forces and hold a joint operation to uncover the […]

  • ReCAAP: 80 Piracy Incidents This Year till May

    Increase of 19% over same period in 2014. ReCAAP: 80 Piracy Incidents This Year till May By Aiswarya Lakshmi From January 2015 till May 2015, a total of 80 incidents […]

  • Brits nabbed for making piracy film

    Team producing documentary for National Geographic. Brits nabbed for making piracy film in Malacca Straits The Indonesian Navy handed over Friday evening to the police two Brits and nine Indonesians for reenacting […]

  • Bunkers linked with piracy rise

    Analysis by Risk Intelligence.  Analyst Links Singapore Bunker Players with Increase in Region’s Fuel Piracy, says it’s “the Perfect Product to Steal” Higher bunker standards in Singapore may be inadvertently causing ships […]

  • Call for Malaysia to join ReCAAP

    Country has yet to sign up to agreement. Call on Malaysia to join regional maritime movement against piracy KUCHING: Malaysia should consider joining the Regional Co-operation Agreement on Combating Piracy […]

  • Expanding maritime patrols in SE Asia

    What are the prospects for enhanced patrols? Expanding maritime patrols in Southeast Asia Coordinated patrols by littoral states are credited with containing piracy and armed robbery in the Straits of […]