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  • US and UK Issue Warnings for Commercial Vessels in Persian Gulf and Surrounding Waters

    January 06: In response to recent US military action in Iraq, targeting a senior member of Iran’s military, the US and UK have both issued warnings to the maritime industry […]

  • Update to US Maritime Advisory on GPS Interference in Mediterranean Sea & Suez Canal

    September 24: The following is US Maritime Advisory 2019-013, advising of GPS interference in the eastern/central Mediterannean Sea and Suez Canal: 1. Reference: U.S. Maritime Alerts 2018-004A, 2018-004B, 2018-008A. 2. […]

  • MARAD Alert: Southern Red Sea – Threat of Vessel Attack

    September 06: The US Maritime Administration (MARAD) has issued an alert, reading: “A maritime threat has been reported in the Red Sea in the vicinity of Yemen.  The nature of […]

  • We’re jamming

    MARAD flags jamming GPS disrupted for maritime in Mediterranean, Red Sea By Dana Goward The U.S. Maritime Administration recently issued an expanded advisory for GPS disruptions in the Middle East. The new advisory […]

  • USMC using cargo ship

    Flexible strategy for USMC. Marines Riding On Cargo Ship To Pacific Exercises A Sign Of A More Flexible Deployment Strategy BY JOSEPH TREVITHICK Members of the U.S. Marine Corps and […]

  • US to aid Bangladesh marsec?

    A US Senate panel has asked the Pentagon to increase maritime security in Bangladesh, a move seen as a counter move to Chinese influence in the region Pentagon asked to […]

  • Black Sea shenanigans?

    Mass GPS Spoofing Attack in Black Sea? By Dana Goward An apparent mass and blatant, GPS spoofing attack involving over 20 vessels in the Black Sea last month has navigation experts […]

  • FBI in maritime terror drill

    Maritime terrorism threat being taken seriously. FBI to train for terrorist attack at sea during Alameda exercise ALAMEDA — The FBI will be working with police, firefighters and other local […]

  • US warns on Sulu-Celebes

    Threat to crews from Abu Sayyaf still there, says US. After Palawan, US govt sounds terror alarm in Sulu BY AL JACINTO ZAMBOANGA CITY: The United States has advised ships […]

  • Iran, Houthis and the BAM

    Fears Iran continues to supply Houthis with advanced weapons. Top US general says Iran is turning vital strait into militarized chokepoint Iran, through its proxy forces in Yemen, is turning […]