Tag: maritime piracy

  • Funding The Fight

    The UK Foreign Secretary has announced £6 million funding to improve maritime surveillance of pirates in the Indian Ocean and to increase prison capacity in Somalia and across the Indian […]

  • Iconic Status

    At this year’s CMA 2011 event in Stamford BIMCO President Robert Lorenz-Meyer told delegates that the shipping industry needed an icon to highlight the plight of the piracy problem. In […]

  • Fleet Change

    Experts believe Somali pirates have been under taking a “fleet renewal” exercise over the past couple of weeks. The release of a number of vessels has painted a picture of […]

  • Armed Response

    On 21-MAR-2011 315nm SE of Hobyo, Somalia, the tanker “Al-Nouf” was attacked by two skiffs (4 armed pirates, and 10 armed pirates). The PAG fired RPG’s and other automatic weapons […]

  • Making Contact

    The United States has joined with partners from 60 countries and international organizations at the United Nations in New York, for a plenary meeting of the Contact Group on Piracy […]

  • Heading Home

    The crew of “MV Jahan Moni”, freed last week after 99 days in captivity will be returning home from Oman today a day earlier than expected.  The good health of […]

  • Life Sentence

    Five Somali men convicted of attacking a US Navy ship they mistook for a merchant vessel have been sentenced to life in prison. The men were found guilty in November […]

  • Boycott Call

    Jan Hammer, chief executive of Odfjell Tankers, (which has 95 chemical tankers), has called for a boycott of the Suez Canal. An action they believe would force intervention in Somalia […]

  • Spray Solution

    A specialist manufacturer of water jets has stated that demand is really starting to pick up dramatically as owners look to new hi-tech alternatives to tackle piracy. The Swedish company […]

  • Child Pirates

    In many war zones the term “child soldier” is commonplace. Now, it seems that the term “child pirate” is likely to gain similar currency. Indian authorities have been confounded to […]