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  • Quick Safety Changes Unlikely

    (Reuters) – The cruise ship disaster off Italy’s coast is drawing fresh scrutiny to the gaps in international safety rules and standards – yet there may be little appetite among […]

  • Impact With Rocks “Inevitable”

    (Reuters) – Italian police have located the exact spot where the doomed Costa Concordia was pierced by sharp rocks that ripped open a hole in its hull and believe that […]

  • Cruise Ship Claims in Tens of Millions

    The German reinsurer Munich Re expects claims related to the Costa Concordia to run into several tens of millions of euros. Following the capsize of the Italian cruise liner over […]

  • Floating Concordia

    Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper has posted a 3D animation illustrating the two technical options for refloating and removing the Concordia advanced by the Dutch Smit Salvage company.   The video, […]

  • Maritime Disasters

    An interesting article published in Popular Mechanics: The wreck of the Costa Concordia cruise ship off the Italian island of Giglio came as a shock to the world—how could this happen to […]

  • Tragedy off Tuscany

    A message from the Secretary-General of BIMCO It is difficult to think of a worse nightmare than the pictures of the 114,000 GT Costa Concordia lying on her side as the sun […]

  • Refining Search and Rescue

    IDGA’s Defense Insider speaks with Richard Button, Chief of the Coordination Division in the Office of Search and Rescue for the U.S. Coast Guard, and Secretary of the National SAR […]

  • New Kit

    Shipping supply companies are getting more requests for gear to keep crews safe and to combat ocean-going piracy. One of those steps is supplying crews that travel these dangerous waters […]

  • Deathboats, not Lifeboats

    It is hard to think of another piece of safety equipment that inspires in those it is meant to save as much mistrust and dread as the lifeboat. Such is […]

  • Seafarer Ban Close

    The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) claims to be moving closer to advising seafarers to consider avoiding working in all the affected areas – including the Indian Ocean. The statement […]

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