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  • The London Conference

    With only two weeks to go before the London Conference, Matt Baugh, the British Ambassador to Somalia, has posted an update to his FCO blog site detailing his activities over […]

  • Pirate Attacks Under-Reported

    European Union force says private guards protecting merchant ships are concealing details Pirate attacks under-reported, forum told European Union force says private guards protecting merchant ships are concealing details Private […]

  • Somali Pirates Cost $6.9 Billion

    Somali pirates cost the shipping industry and governments as much as $6.9 billion last year as average ransom payments advanced 25 percent, according to One Earth Future Foundation. Somali Pirates […]

  • Piracy’s Impact on Global Economy

    Oceans Beyond Piracy released a report that raises concerns about the cost of Somali Piracy to the world economy. Approximately 80% of all costs are borne by the shipping industry, while governments […]

  • Armed Maritime Security Services

    GRAY PAGE: LAWS, REGULATIONS, AND GUIDANCE APPLICABLE TO THE PROVISION OF ARMED MARITIME SECURITY SERVICES ALREADY EXIST Latest data from the leading company providing independent vetting of armed maritime security […]

  • Technology used to combat piracy

    Big players in defence intelligence have come together in London to highlight how data and intelligence, used in a smart way, can help tackle piracy. It is the latest move […]

  • Armed Guards Revisited

    The recent announcement by the UK Government that weapons will be allowed on UK-flagged vessels is not perhaps as revolutionary as it might first appear. Former Royal Marine Stephen Askins […]

  • Haymarket Expands Marine Security

    Haymarket Risk Management is expanding its maritime security division in response to the growing threat of piracy. The company has established bases in the Red Sea, Oman and Sri Lanka […]

  • Anthony Sharp on Typhon

    After teaming up with Simon Murray to launch Typhon, the British entrepreneur Anthony Sharp has given an interview to The Telegraph in which he speaks of the partnership with the […]

  • Piracy off the coast of Somalia

    The following article, Piracy off the coast of Somalia, comes from the Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee website. Somali piracy is a major problem for the UK and the international community. […]