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  • Mexico, pirates and oil

    The number of attacks is up 310% in two years despite efforts by Pemex to prevent them. Piracy at Pemex: modern-day pirates strip drilling platforms in Gulf of Mexico Pemex […]

  • Mexico’s oil pirates

    Ongoing Mexican maritime insecurity. ‘Pirates’ Loot Oil Facilities in the Sonda de Campeche The bands of “Mexican pirates” venture up to 130 kilometres offshore to assault the marine platforms and the Pemex […]

  • Catching the smugglers

    “We have many common maritime challenges.” CNO Pledges to Build Partnerships in the Americas Amid Drug Battle By Gina Harkins The Navy‘s top officer met with maritime leaders from across the […]

  • USCG’s coke scoop

    No sign of drug flow slowing. USCG Cutter Seizes $200m in Cocaine By Joseph Fonseca The crew aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Steadfast (WMEC-623) returned home Friday to Astoria […]

  • O&G pirates of Mexico

    They pose as fishermen to board drilling platforms, ships in Bay of Campeche Gulf of Mexico pirates new Pemex challenge As if the pipeline thieves known as huachicolerosweren’t enough, Pemex must […]

  • Drug gang face justice

    Vessel was in US waters at the time of arrest. Accused drug pirates in $25M seizure near Galapagos Islands to be prosecuted in Columbus By Beth Burger Three Ecuadorian and one […]

  • USCG nabs 7.5 tons of cocaine

    Seized contraband is worth an estimated $227 million. U.S. Coast Guard, CBP Stop Semi-Submersible with 7.5 Tons of Cocaine in Eastern Pacific Ocean ALAMEDA, Calif. — The U.S. Coast Guard and […]

  • “Pirates” Caught off Yucatecan Coast

    Criminal gangs operating at sea arrested. “Pirates” Caught off the Yucatecan Coast In an unprecedented event, authorities of Yucatan law enforcement agencies captured two local criminal groups that have committed violent […]

  • N Korea urges Mexico to free detained ship

    Ship on UN blacklist. N Korea urges Mexico to free detained ship North Korea has accused Mexico of illegally holding one of its ships, after it ran aground last year. […]

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