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  • Britain Preparing For New Falklands War?

    A series of military options are being considered by UK defense chiefs as tension mounts between Britain and Argentina over the Falkland Islands. Britain Preparing For New Falklands War? A […]

  • China: Corruption in Military Poses Test

    BEIJING — An insider critique of corruption in China’s military, circulating just as new leadership is about to take over the armed forces, warns that graft and wide-scale abuses pose […]

  • Sea Change

    Our nation’s [U.S.] security priorities, and our military, are in transition. In the Middle East, we ended the war in Iraq and are reducing ground troops in Afghanistan with the […]

  • Security for a Fee

    In a somewhat ironic following of Italy’s example, the Indian Central Industrial Security Force is to provide armed personnel aboard Indian merchant ships for a fee. CISF ready to secure ships […]

  • Lost at Sea

    Can the Obama administration succeed where its predecessors failed on the Law of the Sea treaty? Lost at Sea By James Kraska, Foreign Policy Few modern treaties have generated more […]

  • China Carrier Preps for Flight Ops?

    The People’s Liberation Army Navy may have made a significant step forward in its fixed-wing aviation capability. Photographs appear to confirm that the Chinese Navy has installed arrestor gear and […]

  • Judge Prolongs Incarceration

    The two Italian marines appeared in court this morning in Kollam where the judge prolonged their preventative incarceration measure by a further two weeks. Italian Marines to remain in jail […]

  • Who Gave the Order to Fire?

    The continuing case of the incident involving the Italian Marines aboard the Enrica Lexie. Investigating magistrates have asked the Indian Police to ascertain who authorised the Marine’s actions; were they […]