Tag: Mozambique Channel

  • More counter-piracy duty

    Operation Copper duties continue for SA Navy.  More counter-piracy duty for Navy OPVs SAS Makhanda (P1569) will complete her tour of counter-piracy duty in the Mozambique channel on December 12 […]

  • South Africa’s Engagement in Counter-Piracy

    Operation Copper and SANDF’s anti-piracy work.  South Africa’s Engagement in Counter-Piracy By Lisa Otto South Africa became involved as a counter-piracy actor rather late in the day, after repeated calls […]

  • SAS Makhanda on anti-piracy duty

    OPV heads to Mozambique Channel duties. Revamped strike craft ready for counter-piracy duty The third Warrior Class strike craft to be refitted as an offshore patrol vessel (OPV) – SAS […]

  • Amatola to resume anti-piracy patrols

    South Africa will send a Valour Class frigate to the Mozambique Channel at the end of January as part of its commitment to the African integrated maritime security strategy. Written […]

  • Patrols Resume

    After an absence of two months, the South African Navy has resumed anti-piracy patrols off the coast of Mozambique. Navy resumes anti-piracy patrols after two-month hiatus by Dean Wingrin, Defenceweb […]

  • Piracy Drives Change

    The spread of Somali piracy to the northern Mozambique Channel is one of the reasons why South Africa’s Navy has moved from a largely peacetime routine to a predominantly operational […]

  • Family Take Over Negotiations

    Aid organisation with strong ties in Somalia has been asked to halt negotiations for the release of Durban yachters Bruno Pelizzari and Debbie Calitz. Gift of the Givers taken off […]