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  • Freed sailors to get bravery award

    MT Asphalt Venture crew to be honoured. Freed sailors to get bravery award today V Narayan MUMBAI: Wednesday saw the seven Indian sailors recently freed from the captivity of Somali […]

  • MPHRP welcomes hostage release

    Release of MV Asphalt Venture seafarers welcomed by MPHRP The Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme (MPHRP) has welcomed the news that seven Indian Seafarers who have been held hostage since […]

  • Pirates release seven Indian hostages

    Crew from MT Asphalt Venture finally released Pirates release seven Indian hostages Somali media is reporting that seven Indian hostages, the remaining crew from the MT Asphalt Venture, hijacked in […]

  • No sign of freedom for Indians

    Indian hostages remain in hands of Somali pirates. 4 years on, no freedom in sight for Tamil Nadu man in pirates’ custody CHENNAI: They have spent close to four years […]

  • Kidnap Demands

    The Somali pirates holding seven Indian crew of “MT Asphalt Venture” hostage have refused to negotiate with the ship owners and insisted they would engage only with the government authorities. […]

  • Ransom Renegades

    Somali pirates who took a multi-million dollar ransom for hijacked Indian freighter “MT Asphalt Venture”, have refused to release seven of the 15 Indian crew members held as hostages. This […]