• No hack at MTISC-GoG

    Piracy reporting centre in alleged security breach. MTISC-GOG investigation finds no evidence of breach There‚Äôs a follow-up to a post concerning a possible data breach involving Maritime Trade Information Sharing […]

  • Gulf of Guinea security

    Allegations MTISC-GoG security has been compromised. BIMCO: Security Breach in Anti-Piracy Program On Monday, BIMCO and The Standard Club issued a warning regarding an alleged security breach in the Maritime […]

  • Merchant ships add eyes in West Africa

    Keeping tabs on voluntary reporting area. Merchant ships add eyes in the Gulf of Guinea From a small, white building on the campus of Regional Maritime University near Tema, Ghana, […]

  • IMO visits MTISC-GoG

    MTISC-GoG provides security alerts to shipping. Information Sharing to Fight Piracy and Illegal Fishing MO’s Chris Trelawny has visited the Maritime Trade Information Sharing Centre (MTISC-GoG), located in the Regional […]

  • Crew kidnapped off Nigeria

    Attack on Offshore Supply Vessel in Nigerian waters. Crew kidnapped off Nigeria MTISC-GoG reports that pirates attacked an Offshore Supply Vessel yesterday (March 19th) while operating in the UBIT Exxon […]

  • Piracy and the Gulf of Guinea

    Ships advised against using armed guards in Nigerian waters. Piracy and the Gulf of Guinea The Maritime Trade and Information Sharing Centre for the Gulf of Guinea (MTISC-GoG) has advised […]

  • Industry issues new piracy guide

    Updated guidelines reflect ongoing issues in Gulf of Guinea. Shipping Industry Releases Updated Anti-Piracy Guidelines on Gulf of Guinea Region The Round Table of international shipping industry associations has released […]