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  • MV Albedo hostages free

    Hostages escape through window to evade pirates. MV Albedo hostages free After 1288 days in captivity, the final hostages from the MV Albedo have escaped to freedom. In a twist, […]

  • No Ransom, No Release

    In recent months the number of pirate attacks along Somalia’s coast has dropped, but an estimated 97 seafarers remain in the hands of pirates No Ransom, No Release For Hostages […]

  • Trigger-happy Pirates

    According to the freed captain of the MV Albedo, the hardest part of his 21 months as a hostage was calming down the trigger-happy gang of Somali pirates and keeping […]

  • “Help us, please save us”

    The 15 crewmen still being held captive on the MV Albedo have issued a letter pleading for their lives addressed to the chairman of the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee in Karachi Crewmen […]

  • Hostage Talks

    A security team from Malaysia will arrive in Dubai today to begin talks with Somali tribal leaders, seeking to break the impasse in talks between Somali pirates and the families […]

  • Hope for Crew

    Negotiations for the release of the 22 crew members of the Malaysian ship MV Albedo, in the hands of  Somali pirates for over 18 months, have progressed to a new stage. […]

  • Ransom Demand

    Somali pirates are demanding $8 million for the release of the “MV Albedo” which was hijacked ten months ago. The crew of the ship consists of 23 individuals including 7 […]