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  • Iceberg Death

    Reports are surfacing of another death onboard the hijacked “MV Iceberg I” – the news has been relayed by released crew members from the “MV Suez”, as the vessels were […]

  • Ordeal Relived

    Tortured by a group of drunk pirates and starved for days together, six Indian sailors from”MV Suez”, have commented on their time in captivity at the hands of Somali pirates. […]

  • Happy Homecoming

    Six Indian sailors, who were recently freed by Somali pirates after nearly 11 months in captivity, have arrived in the capital, Delhi. The men were part of the 22-member crew […]

  • Abandon Ship

    Somali pirates released the MV Suez last week, but its crew members were forced to abandon the ship Sunday, officials said. The crew members of the MV Suez boarded a […]

  • Naval Blazing

    Somali pirates recently launched an attack on a Pakistani naval vessel, “PNS Babur”. Pak Navy commandos onboard the vessel responded and the pirates were forced to flee. The vessel had […]

  • Into Trouble

    The recently freed vessel “MV Suez”, reportedly ran into trouble again after being released by Somali pirates less than 48 hours ago. Crew members reportedly sent a message stating they […]

  • Release Confirmed

    The reports about the release of the “MV Suez” appear to have been correct. The vessel with its 22 crew, held captive by Somali pirates for over 10 months, has […]

  • Release Rumour

    Local observers have reported that the a “relatively small ransom” has finally been delivered for the release of “MV Suez”. It is understood that the pirates holding the vessel have […]

  • No Fly Zone

    Two planes (a Citation jet and a Cessna caravan single-engine) seized in Somalia with $3.6 million in ransom money were modified without civil aviation authorisation to enable them drop cash […]

  • Double Blow

    The multi-million dollar ransom haul seized at Mogadishu airport, Somalia, was to be used as payment to release two ships and their 56 crew members. The $3.6 million was for […]