Tag: One Earth Future

  • OBP note piracy rise

    OBP report shows worrying increase in incidents. Piracy incidents double off coast of East Africa in 2017: study NAIROBI, May 22 (Xinhua) — The number of piracy incidents doubled off […]

  • Atalanta takes wind out of pirates’ sails

    Pirates are a big danger for international shipping around the Horn of Africa. But in 2012, the number of attacks declined. One reason is heightened military presence – German soldiers […]

  • Worsening Violence

    According to a report by the US-based One Earth Future foundation and International Maritime Bureau, Somali pirates were responsible for at least 35 hostage deaths in 2011. While solid data on previous years […]

  • Private Security Boom

    Only a few years ago governments frowned at the private armed guards that some ships were using to ward off pirates. Today the private sector solution is being embraced as […]

  • Counting The Cost

    A new report, compiled by US-based think-tank One Earth Future, has calculated that “maritime piracy is costing the international economy between $7 to $12 billion, per year.” The report notes […]