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  • Malacca buccaneers

    Step aside, Somalia: South-East Asia is the new piracy capital of the world. Malacca buccaneers EIGHT men armed with pistols and machetes boarded the Orkim Harmony, a tanker, in the early […]

  • Had Orkim Harmony pirates been paid?

    Reports not substantiated. Marine authority won’t confirm report ‘Orkim Harmony pirates had large amount of money’ The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) has yet to confirm a report that the […]

  • Five more robbers sought

    Suspects claim they had five other accomplices. Five more robbers sought in Malaysian tanker hijacking Crystal Chan Malaysian authorities are today searching for a further five suspected robbers believed to […]

  • Vietnam’s marine cops quiz suspects

    Eight suspects speak Indonesian. Vietnam’s marine cops quizzing suspected hijackers HANOI: Vietnam’s marine police are questioning eight foreigners suspected of being the escaped pirates who commandeered a Malaysian-flagged tanker in […]

  • Oil tanker hijackers captured

    Eight men arrested by authorities. Oil tanker hijackers said to be captured off Vietnam waters KUALA LUMPUR – The pirates who seized a Malaysian-flagged tanker in the South China Sea […]

  • Hijackers of Malaysian tanker escape

    Vessel renamed Kim Harmon by pirates. Hijackers of Malaysian tanker escape, one crewman shot KUALA LUMPUR: Pirates who commandeered a Malaysian-flagged tanker in the South China Sea for a week […]

  • Crew of hijacked tanker safe

    Orkim Harmony Captain makes contact. Crew of hijacked tanker safe, no word on cargo, says navy chief BY MUZLIZA MUSTAFA All crew on board the hijacked petrol tanker MT Orkim […]

  • Robbers hit three ships in three hours

    Armed robbers in multiple attacks. Three ships boarded by armed robbers in SE Asia within three hours ReCAAP yesterday took the unusual step of issuing an alert for the Straits […]

  • Hijacked tanker spotted

    Orkim Harmony sighted with new name and paint job. Malaysian navy says missing tanker found in Cambodian waters KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian-registered tanker that disappeared a week ago in a […]

  • No ransom demand for missing tanker

    Highly unlikely vessel taken for ransom, however. No ransom demand for missing tanker and its crew so far, says minister By: Nawar Firdaws Five days have past and there is still […]