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  • Iconic Status

    At this year’s CMA 2011 event in Stamford BIMCO President Robert Lorenz-Meyer told delegates that the shipping industry needed an icon to highlight the plight of the piracy problem. In […]

  • Grudge Match

    Ecoterra International has stated that the level of violence being used by pirates has drastically escalated. There are many potential reasons for this, but one very interesting theory has stated that the increased […]

  • Piracy Problem goes JUMBO

    We have long known the scale of the Somali problem – but it has finally confirmed its status as “JUMBO”…with the number of crew held reaching 747. With the recent hijackings […]

  • Anglo-American Support for Somali Coast Guard, Strategic Pragmatism or Problem?

    With the potential support of a privately-trained maritime force, are the US and UK manoeuvring towards a more pragmatic approach to the piracy problem in Somalia? On Tuesday 23 November […]