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  • Dutch court convicts pirate

    Pirate receives six-year sentence.  Dutch court convicts pirate The Court of The Hague has a Somali man was sentenced to six years in prison. The court considered it proven that […]

  • India: 120 pirates on trial

    18 witnesses still to be deposed. Pirates trial: Foreign witnesses to depose via video-conferencing The state government has agreed to provide Rs 31 lakh for the purpose. Almost after a […]

  • Inside the British battle to wipe out Somali pirates

    Prosecutions having an effect? Inside the British battle to wipe out the scourge of Somali pirates By DUNCAN GARDHAM Sailors navigating the coast of East Africa no longer have to fear […]

  • Six Somali pirates jailed in Spain

    Accused of attacking tuna ship. Six Somali pirates jailed in Spain A Spanish court on Wednesday convicted six Somalis for piracy and sentenced them each to 16 and a half […]

  • Suspected Torm pirates prosecuted

    Despite compensation pay out, prosecution ongoing.  Suspected Torm pirates prosecuted Denmark gave prosecuting nine Somali pirates who were accused of trying to hijack Torm Kansas. But right now the nine […]

  • Convicted pirates acquitted

    Convictions thrown out on appeal. Seychelles court of appeal acquits 3 suspected Somali pirates convicted of piracy By: Sharon Uranie The Seychelles Court of Appeal has acquitted and ordered the repatriation of 3 Somali pirates back […]

  • The moral high ground

    Compensation payments to pirates cause furore. The moral high ground By Michael Grey from London Pirates around the world will be greatly heartened by the award for “moral damages” made […]

  • Why pirates received compensation

    Payments caused uproar, but the reasoning is simple. Why Somali pirates got damages from Strasbourg BY DAVID HART QC Ali Samatar and others v. France, 4 December 2014, ECtHR, Fifth Section,read judgment  […]

  • Mauritius frees suspected pirates

    Release is a blow to anti-piracy efforts.  Mauritius frees suspected Somali pirates Antananarivo – Twelve Somali men tried for piracy were acquitted Thursday in Mauritius for lack of evidence, court […]

  • Seychellois Meeting before piracy trial

    Pirates accused of attempting to hijack Torm and Chinese ships. Danish-Seychellois Meeting Prior to Trial of Suspected Pirates Prior to the trial of nine suspected pirates in the Seychelles courts, […]