Tag: Pirate attacks

  • Special Report

    As pirate attacks grow, shipowners take arms By Peter Apps, Political Risk Correspondent POOLE, England | Tue May 3 (Reuters) – Upstairs in a public house on the English south coast, 18 men […]

  • Armed Action

    With the growth of pirate attacks, it is increasingly being seen that the most pragmatic solution to protect vulnerable vessels has been the deployment of armed security guards. This has prompted flag States […]

  • Chinese Navy escorts over 3,000 merchant vessels in Gulf of Aden

    Over the past two years the Chinese Navy has escorted in excess of 3,000 merchant vessels through the Gulf of Aden. The figure was released by the Director of the […]

  • Changing View

    U.S. Assistant Secretary of African Affairs Johnnie Carson has stated that those who use the seas have a role to play in preventing pirate attacks. “Is it responsible for yachters […]

  • Good Cop, Bad Cop

    The difficult question of whether to use armed guards on ships is being aired often and at great length at the moment. While solutions like group transits, the IRTC and […]

  • Shifting Area and Tactics

    Attacks on merchant ships are on the rise again.Last year, pirates captured 53 ships in the region, up from 51 in 2009, according to the Combined Maritime Forces, overseeing operations. […]