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  • Nigeria port security

    Security concerns follow USCG visit. Security poses major challenge in Rivers Port-ICRC Precious Akutamadu Mr Chidi Izuwah, Acting Director-General of Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC), has said that the issue […]

  • ReCAAP Jan. report

    January report issued. ReCAAP reports 7 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia A total of seven incidents of piracy¹ and armed robbery against ships² were reported […]

  • Indo questions JWC

    War Risk insurance questioned. Tanjung Priok Categorized Prone to Piracy, Indonesia Protest By: Akhmad Mabrori Bisnis.com , JAKARTA – The Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia conveyed a protest […]

  • SE Asia’s robbery problem

    Not a surprise for industry watchers. SE Asian Ports Lead the World for Armed Robbery The anchorages at Chittagong, Manila and Pulau Bintan led the world last year for armed robberies, […]

  • November’s SE Asia piracy

    Armed robbery continues but piracy lower. Success and Failure for Asian Pirates in November ReCAAP ISC reports that there were nine incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships in […]

  • Indian waters crime free(ish)

    Unreported incidents remain an issue; MSR knows of at least one in India in August. ‘No ship robberies in Indian waters in 3 months’ Indian Coast Guard has helped control […]

  • Africa’s porous ports

    Many ports still not ISPS-compliant. Safeguarding Africa’s seaports to safeguard its economies Seaports play a crucial role in all economies reliant on export and import, especially in African states where […]

  • Maritime crime in Bangladesh

    ReCAAP report highlights issues in Bangladesh. Piracy along national coast doubled in 2014 Piracy and armed robbery along Bangladesh’s coasts, especially near sea and river ports, have doubled, raising the […]