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  • GoG military exercise starts

    Nigeria joins military exercise in Gulf of Guinea The Nigerian Navy on Wednesday deployed six warships and 65 gunboats in a joint multinational maritime exercise comprising navies from 16 countries. […]

  • Delta hostages rescued

    Nigerian troops rescue 3 Russian sailors, 2 others after raid of pirates’ hideout By Sumaila Ogbaje Three Russian sailors, one Ukrainian and one Equatorial Guinean kidnapped by pirates since 9 […]

  • Covid piracy surge?

    by Theo Locherer The last quarterly report from the International Maritime Bureau shows the negative effects of the Covid-19 on maritime security. There tend to be significant upswings of piracy […]

  • WAF piracy: media to blame?

    West African piracy remains a threat but attacks are not becoming more frequent despite headline-grabbing abduction stories in the media. That is the view of Dirk Siebels, senior analyst at […]

  • Pirates and Onboard Nigerian Navy Personnel Engage Following Boarding of Bulk Carrier in Gulf of Guinea

    December 30: Reporting indicates that while transiting between Lagos and Port Harcourt, Nigeria approximately 45 NM SSW of Bonny Island, the bulk carrier DROGBA (IMO #9724001) has been attacked. It […]

  • Four Immigration Officers Kidnapped in Bonny Waterway; Freed 2 Days Later

    November 11, 07:00-07:30 UTC: Ten pirates in a higher-capacity speed boat attacked a passenger vessel transporting four immigration officers from Bonny to Port Harcourt, kidnapping all four immigration officers. While […]

  • Local Reports of Three Persons Killed and Five Boats Hijacked In Rivers, Nigeria

    November 03: Unconfirmed initial news by local media report that as many as three persons have been killed, an unspecified number have been injured, and up to five boats hijacked […]

  • 7 Suspected Security Personnel Impersonators Amongst 23 Suspected Oil Thieves Arrested in Last Month in Rivers, Nigeria

    October 18: The Nigerian Navy on Friday [October 18] said it arrested seven alleged impostors parading themselves as security personnel in Port Harcourt the day before. Cdr. Murtala Rogo, Base Operations […]

  • FWN RAPIDE crew released

    11 crew released. Dutch freighter FWN RAPIDE kidnapped crew released Russian MFA made a statement on May 23, saying that 11 kidnapped crew of Dutch freighter FWN RAPIDE were released […]

  • One Rapide crewman found

    Crewman hid during attack. Dutch freighter attack: 1 crew escaped kidnap, found Groningen, April 24, 2018 – Managers ForestWave report that late last night one of the twelve missing crew […]