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  • AdvanFort blames insurers

    Crew have not been paid by Advanfort since November 2013. Insurers have abandoned our crew, claims Advanfort By Gary Howard from London Private Maritime Security Company (PMSC) Advanfort says that its insurers have […]

  • Maritime charities appeal for Seaman Guard Ohio crew

    Crew now held for over 500 days.  Maritime charities appeal for action for MV Seaman Guard Ohio crew Indian authorities acting unlawfully with continued detention of MV Seaman Guard Ohio crew: maritime […]

  • Sri Lanka travel ban over arms ship

    Investigations continue into floating armoury used by many PMSCs. Sri Lanka travel ban for Gotabhaya Rajapaksa over arms ship A court in Sri Lanka has banned Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, the former […]

  • Controversy over floating armories

    Row over AGMS continues.  Controversy over floating armories By  Kishani Samaraweera Floating armory discovered in the Galle Harbor made headlines since several allegations were made regarding its legality. However, Leader […]

  • MAST warns that ships are still at risk in Indian Ocean

    Despite focus on SE Asia, concerns over IOR remain. MAST warns that ships are still at risk in Indian Ocean Maritime Asset Security & Training (MAST) has warned that ships […]

  • Foreign Secretary to push for release

    Former AdvantFort security officer still unable to leave India. Ashington pirate-hunter’s bid to come home backed by Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond The MP said he would push Indian authorities for […]

  • Maritime Security in Africa

    Private maritime security companies can assist African states.  Maritime Security in Africa: Potential for the Private Sector? Dirk Siebels thinks that the private sector should contribute further to Africa’s maritime […]

  • Risk Intelligence updates WAF advice

    Confusing situation for shipping.  The use of Nigerian Navy and Police with or without security advisors in private maritime security roles Risk Intelligence has updated its briefing paper on the […]

  • Security guard dead in Seychelles

    Investigation ongoing.  Security guard dead in Seychelles Seychelles News Agency reports that a 33-year-old Estonian man has been found dead in the sea at New Port, Victoria on February 13th. […]

  • How to End Piracy

    Lessons from the Last Decade How to End Piracy By Conor Seyle Maritime piracy is by definition a crime of the sea, but one that has deep roots onshore. Pirates […]