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  • Warning that Somali piracy may return

    Piracy currently suppressed, but things could easily change.  Analyst, industry officials warn on possible resurgence of Somali piracy By Marcus Hand from Copenhagen Despite the sharp decline in piracy off the coast of […]

  • Is piracy still a threat?

    IoR still unsafe for yacht traffic. Is piracy still a threat? Bryony McCabe The superyacht industry is often told to ignore worries over piracy in most areas where yachts would […]

  • S.E. Asia looks to PMSCs

    Local security companies protecting assets against terror threat. Shipping companies turn to private security as maritime threat rises in Southeast Asia Malaysia’s defence minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, says the country remains […]

  • PMSCs and the piracy threat

    PMSCs looking to move into new markets with their services.  Maritime Mercenaries or Innovative Defense? Private Security & The Evolving Piracy Threat John-Clark Levin On Sept. 23, the United States […]

  • Security in the Gulf of Guinea

    Hiring security services in the Gulf of Guinea continues to vex shipping companies. Risks in Contracting Government Security Forces in Gulf of Guinea By Dirk Steffen My previous article explored […]

  • Guards here to stay

    SAMI CEO speaking at SMM in Hamburg.  Guards here to stay Private security personnel are “here to stay” in the fight against increasing levels of crime at sea, according to […]

  • Danger on the High Seas

    Armed guards still divide many in the shipping industry.  Danger on the High Seas: Are Private Security Firms the Solution? Jeffrey Payne, Schuyler Moore In 2013, 80 percent of trade was transported […]

  • Piracy: Living Down the Food Chain

    Worrying feedback from the NATO conference. Piracy: Living Down the Food Chain Op-Ed by John Guy Most people in shipping have long suspected it but it was interesting to hear […]

  • Questions raised over mystery ship

    Former Norwegian craft owned by UK-based security company.  Questions raised over mystery ship By Tom Barnes QUESTIONS have been raised over the future of a former Norwegian Navy vessel currently […]

  • Chinks in PMSC Armour?

    The collapse of GoAGT has led to renewed scrutiny of the marsec industry.  Chinks Appear in the Maritime Security Armour An Op-Ed piece by Simon Biggs, ASKET Ltd. Recently, we […]