Tag: private security on ships

  • Armed Quarter

    The Norwegian Shipowners Association has confirmed that since the formalisation on the use of armed guards on Norwegian-owned merchant vessels was formalised on July 1st, the growing threat of piracy […]

  • Sling Shots

    A company has introduced a new sling system to dramatically improve the comfort of armed maritime securityoperatives on watch. RAP4 has launchd the “Tactical Sling”, a new product which brings 3-point tactical sling innovation to […]

  • Legal Debate

    Leading law firm HFW has entered the debate on the legitimacy of arming vessels in the face of Piracy. Recognising the ever-growing concern to the shipping industry, they have issued […]

  • Signing On: The International Code of Conduct for Private Security Contractors

    Representatives of Governments, NGOs, and the security industry gathered in Geneva this week to sign a new International Code of Conduct for Private Security Contractors, and to put in place […]