Tag: Private Security

  • Gunning It

    We have spoken at length in the past about armed guards on ships, and over the past couple of months a number of flag States have begun to show their […]

  • No List

    Following the rather surprising Lloyd’s List article a couple of weeks ago, the International Group of ‘P&I clubs has vehemently denied that it has drawn up a confidential lists of […]

  • Armed Rules

    Norway has issued clarification on a number of issues relating to the deployment of armed guards. The Norwegian regulations set out the type of weaponry that can deployed, how to […]

  • Go East

    One of the largest companies providing armed guards for shipowners is to open an office in Hong Kong next month to help develop closer business links with Asian shipowners. A […]

  • Port Calls

    Private security escort vessels fighting piracy are seeking urgent clarification of the terms under which they can enter ports on key shipping routes. The call has come in the wake […]

  • New Vision

    According to V Ships’ President Roberto Giorgi we need new vision and strategies to conquer the cancer of piracy. He has set out a thoughts for an anti-piracy programme which […]

  • Change of Tack

    Given the apparent dependency on private security and the increasing use of armed guards it will come as little surprise to see that the industry view is changing. As if […]

  • Who Are You?

    With shipping facing a threat like no other off Somalia it seems we have been abandoned with only a private unregulated army of  former soldiers and marines, gap year students and nightclub bouncers, […]

  • Video Evidence

    On the 5th April, an armed security team prevented an attack on the ‘Pacific Opal’. During the exchange the team, from security company PVI, recorded video evidence of the incident. 24 hours after […]