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  • Death highlights clash with Somali trainees

    A confidential report on the death of a military contractor last month brings into stark focus the problems facing an SA-linked security outfit engaged in a controversial anti-piracy mission in […]

  • Strike on Pirate Base

    Witnesses confirm bombardment of suspected Somali pirate base. According to the witnesses, aircraft struck a north-eastern coastal village some 220 kilometres east of Bossaso, the main port in Puntland. War planes […]

  • Local Campaign

    The security forces of Somalia’s semi-autonomous state, Puntland launched an offensive against local pirates gangs over the weekend. The operation saw 15 pirates arrested – they were taken to a […]

  • Ministerial Meeting

    UK Minister for Africa Henry Bellingham met the President of the Puntland State of Somalia on 17 October. This is the President’s first visit to the UK in an official […]

  • Pirate Fight

    Government forces from Somalia’s Puntland region have captured at least 20 pirates in a military operation reportedly led by Security Minister Gen. Khalif Issa Mudan. “Our forces captured 10 pirates […]

  • Trawler Rescue

    The Government of Puntland State of Somalia has rescued 14 Myanmar  fishermen held as hostages by Somali pirates. During a press conference in the Puntland capital of Garowe, the Government […]

  • Livestock Grab

    According to local sources a maritime security alert has been issued after Somali pirates hijacked an animal carrier off the coast of Puntland. The vessel was sailing from Bossasso towards the United Arab […]

  • Pirate Exodus

    Traditional elders in areas along the coastal strips of Somalia’s Bari region are worried of increasing presence of pirates in the areas. The elders say large numbers pirates are now […]

  • Propaganda Slammed

    The Government of Puntland State of Somalia has categorically rejected press reports that it claims are “propaganda”. The FT report, entitled “Britons held as ransom drop goes wrong,” insinuated that […]

  • Don’t Try Again

    Pirate have warned that any further forced attempts to free the Danish family now being held in captivity on land will result in their execution. The warning follows a botched rescue attempt […]